About us

Lederstudio.be - with Bruges as its home city - is on the one hand a training workshop for the creation of leather goods, with an emphasis on (hand) bags, and on the other hand, a shop where both the hobbyist and professional bag maker can purchase all basic products for his or her creations.

  • Over the years, we have established and built up contacts with reliable suppliers, both within Europe and beyond.
  • We strive to offer our customers quality products at a competitive price.
  • Because Lederstudio is not only a shop, but also a workshop where leather goods are made, and where training in the creation of leather goods is given, we do know our products and their function and possibilities. So when buying with us, you can be assured you can get the right advice when necessary. You can ask us any question about the use of the various products.
  • The market is always on the move. New products and tools are being developed. We follow the market, want to be informed of the evolution, test new products, so that we can regularly offer you novelties.
  • Make sure to subscribe to our newsletter, so you will be promptly informed about new products in our shop, or get a notification about interesting new tutorials or posts about some leatherwork tips and trics.

We're glad to have you, live in our shop in Bruges, or here in our online shop !

Nathalie & Ruth